Weakened Immune System And Allergies? Are They Connected?

Let me tell you that I am not a Doctor, but I have suffered from sinus problems, bad headaches and allergies now for about 7 years. My personal belief is that weakened immune system and allergies are connected. Maybe I should say that allergies weaken our immune system. Here is why I believe that! Per University of Virginia Health System, allergies and hypersensitivity to certain substances are considered immune system disorders.

We all know that immune system recognizes allergies as a cold. Which means the immune system fights allergies every time the allergies come on and we all know that is frequent. And it seemed to me that as more time progressed, my allergies were getting worse. And this is probably because we make one big mistake. We take medication to relieve our symptoms and not improve our immune system. Yes, when allergies come on, you need a relief right away, I know. But we have to work on improving our immune system.

I know I literally tried so many different kinds of medication for my allergies and some of the medication made them worse and made me feel terrible. You have to understand that I really needed help. I went from having headaches few times a month to heaving headaches for 3 weeks straight. Constant sinus infections and many more…

So of course I turned to Internet to find a solution and this time I wanted natural remedies this time. There are a lot of books about allergies and changes you need to make to your diet. A lot of these books share my opinion. So I have found a lot of natural allergy remedies for sinuses, allergies and natural remedies to improve your immune system. Remedies such as SinuCleanse, Breathe Right Nasal Strips and many more. I also use a lot of remedies such as Mangosteen Juice to improve my immune system. I truly believe that if we worked on our weakened immune system, our allergies will minimize and in some instances even go away completely. I know that a lot of these natural remedies work a lot better for me and I have been able to minimize my allergies.

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