Home-Based Business – 2 Completely Inaccurate Myths About the Health and Wellness Industry

Health and wellness products are the primary products sold through home-based businesses. So doesn’t it make sense that the industry is completely saturated and that it is impossible for you to make money in it? If you answered yes, then you have been fooled by a common myth about the health and wellness industry.

Myth #1
The nutritional supplement industry is saturated.

Fact #1
Selling nutritional supplements is not only thriving within home-based businesses, but they are also thriving in brick-and-mortar stores. Anything dealing with health, nutrition, weight managements, and prevention is on the rise.

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine who has a problem with allergies. He takes daily medicine to help him breathe better. When I told him that I sold nutritional supplements that would help his allergies, he immediately ordered mine and quit buying the other.

Why did he do this? Because I asked him too. And there are millions of more people out there that will do the same. Don’t get hung up on the fact that everyone is already focusing on their health. First of all, everyone isn’t. And second of all, just ask them to switch and many of them will.

Myth #2
No one is interested in what I have to sell.

Fact #2
Actually millions of people are. More and more people want to feel and look young, and they do this by taking care of their bodies. Don’t get fooled into thinking that there is not a need. In fact, many of the top network marketing professionals believe that there are not enough companies taking advantage of this great opportunity.

For example, before I began taking the GNLD products that I take now, only 1 person in the past 10 years had approached me personally about taking care of my body. Just 1 person in 10 years. You just can’t convince me that there is no need for selling health and wellness products. I was an untapped market for several years before someone convinced me to focus on my health, and now I am one of their most loyal customers.

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